The Monday Catch Up

Good morning! Here’s a dose of hard-hitting news to add to your hangover remedy.

The Lead Story: While you were boozing it up this weekend, so was the President! On Saturday Obama partied with members of the White House Correspondents’ association (Linsday Lohan and Kim Kardashian), a group of journalists that cover the President and the White House. This year Jimmy Kimmel provided the night’s entertainment, after the President’s attempt at comedy.

Everything Else:

Attention New Yorkers: 1 World Trade Center will soon become NYC’s tallest building.

Since President Obama is so obviously behind on his assassinated warlords/terrorists quota, the U.S. has sent special operations troops into the Central African Republic to find Joseph Kony.

This just in: We’re “Cool Ass Rich Kids.”

As long as you’re drowning in work, check out these really cool swimming pools!

The Long Read: Remember Sears? Read about it while you can.

The Weather: Expect this week to be warm and stormy, with highs in the 70s and low 80s. Lots of isolated thunderstorms (except on Thursday). That said, when you’re pulling back-to-back all nighters in Olin this week, at least you won’t have to think about how beautiful it is outside.

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