On Packing: Start Throwing Your Crap Away


Just do it, kids. You don’t want to be that guy who finds an object vaguely resembling a bone in your bed and remains in a state of extended panic trying to figure out why there is a bone in your place of abode only to realize that it’s actually a hardened cheese stick from a couple months ago (true story related to me).

You will spend the next week and a half dreaming about objects of necessity (i.e. toothbrush and underwear) turning into bones. It haunts you.

Basically, spend like 10 minutes a day picking up particles of food that have encrusted themselves into the room. You will be thankful for it on the horror that is moving-out day. I was once quoted as saying, “I’ve never seen more people cry in one place than at the Housing Lottery.” I now amend that statement to fit this circumstance. “I’ve never seen more desperation and fear than when moving out.”

Get a start on it while you still can. Also, check out this nifty Wikihow on cleaning out your room, too!

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