10 o’clock list: What Will Happen Tomorrow Night

Well, it’s here — the last day of classes. Freedom (and perhaps that sweet Goldman Sach internship daddy lined up for you) lies but seven days away. But before you take those finals, there is one more yearly tradition to celebrate: the night after the last day of classes. Here, we break down five different routes you can take to have a great last-Friday night at Kenyon.

First-year hall group hug: “McBride short side ’15 4EVER!”

  1. Your friends will cry — “I just … LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Like, this year would have been so different without you and will we see each other over the summer? Skype every day?”
  2. People will try to get laid — Some quoted verse will suffice here: “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity/To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment/Would you capture it or just let it slip?/Yo”
  3. Some people will stay in — You can get Cove food and a moderate amount of booze (see: Taxi, Dad’s) delivered to your Caples double. You cannot get a good grade on your Social Dreamers final delivered to the Cove.
  4. The people who didn’t stay in will talk about how they should have stayed in — “I mean, I’ve just got so much to do, you know? Why am I even at this party? YO BEER ME!”
  5. You will have at least one moment of semi-serious self-reflection on your year

Stay safe out there, kids.

7 responses

  1. Well here it goes, the tension.
    How’s my coolness draining? How’s my ounces?
    This is the part where it starts to get strange here.
    I’m so strung out, I’m so done in
    I hope it won’t effect my skin.
    Don’t think I can’t feel, cause I feel a real change here.
    What do they want from me and how can I be it?
    Or if I am it can I get them to see it?
    I need a sedative.
    My fingers shake, my brains are stiff
    I’ve only got so much to give
    How will I live until tomorrow night?

  2. Thinking of things Scottish, a Joyful 1400th Anniversary of the Dies Natalis of St. Kentigern (or, failimarly, Mungo) to all if A.D. 612 is the correct year! (I suppose among the many things not certainly known about the Wallace’ are the exact details of his (not improbable) devotion to St. Mungo?)

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