Tweets on Tweets on Tweets: Volume II

Image via Wikimedia Commons

This week we’re back cataloguing Kenyon Twitters.  Our  praise for each Twitter is fewer than 140 characters. #meta

First, we have Morgan McClure ’14 (click on Twitter handles to find links to follow these friends):

@sarahmcs @fixxychild yr tweets are in another language but i like to pretend i know what yr saying, rather than translate em


Next up is Catherine Lloyd, ’14:

@sarahmcs @catpee3 yr tweets really capture the angst of kenyon but also add humor to my day. ^-^


And finally, Andrew Tint ’13:

@sarahmcs @bigandmanly  yr tweets show that u view the world thru a lens of childlike wonder which makes me worry for yr future safety

And, Tinty with the truth bombs:

Ed: Everyone on the Thrill blog staff has a Twitter. You should follow them. 

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