Happy Last Day of Classes, Everyone

Hopefully, your summer will resemble High School Musical 2 as little as possible.

The day has come. The last day of classes. Whatever else your professors may demand of you, they can no longer make you come to a specific room at a specific time and listen to them talk. Instead, they can make you come to a specific room at a specific time and take a test. Isn’t that much better?

Enjoy your last day and try not to be too tempted to skip, despite the weather. Remember, your professor might tell you something you need to know for all of your finals next week. It’s not over yet.

3 responses

  1. I cannot think of a single person who would not want a summer filled with Zac Efron, a spa resort, and a talent show with no real importance. You could not be more wrong, Mara.

    • That’s why all those people stayed to work on Liberal Arts last year. With the exception of the spa, your description is spot on AMIRITE YOU GUYS

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