Magical Times at Midnight Breakfast

As the witching hour drew nearer,  students began to crawl out of their study caves in the hope of rapidly consuming sugar and caffeine.

Club Olin seemed to empty in a matter of seconds. (Photo by Becca Hafter for the Thrill)

More photos from Midnight Breakfast after the jump!

Shortly after the opening of Midnight breakfast both the Great Hall and Thomas were full.

Photo by Leslie Martin for the Thrill

Just as last semester, the salad bar was converted into a candy bar where students could fill bowls with a variety of sugary treats.

Candy bowls (photo by Becca Hafter)

Unfortunately, the line for the candy bar was extremely long. But everyone who waited to the end learned a very important life lesson: Perseverance.

The line stretched all the way past the utensils rack. (Photo by Leslie Martin)

A variety of baked goods, including cinnamon rolls, were a favorite of many students.

Photo by Leslie Martin.

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