Kenyon Kribs: P.F. Kluge Edition

This time on Kenyon Kribs, we’re taking a trip to probably the most mysterious and esteemed location on the Kenyon campus. P.F. Kluge, Kenyon’s writer in residence, is famous for writing Eddie and the Cruisers and not making eye contact with students sitting in the adjacent booth in Middle Ground who desperately want to be his friend. His house is just as enigmatic, with furniture ranging from expensive imports to pieces found laying on the side of the road. Check out the video after the jump, and be sure to stay tuned until the end for a clip of the professor cuddling and talking about his teddy bear.

11 responses

  1. Why can’t you zoom out a little so we can actually make out what is going on? This is basically the instagram of youtube videos.

  2. Classy shot of the liquor at ~1:57 while Kluge waxes poetic about the teddy bear, Thrill. I’m glad we were able to see such a touching and intimate moment with one of Kenyon’s most famous (and famously gruff) personalities…

    Also the hype man (“Fifty years!”) really made it easy to understand for viewers at home (especially after so much was lost to absent giggles).

    Dude’s allegedly got a Norton single replica in his house and we got close-ups of chandeliers and vermouth.

  3. Gone Tomorrow’s absolutely right. I wish this video was taken a little more seriously. You don’t have to get footage of chandeliers and liquor while Kluge’s in the middle of something really heartwarming. Couldn’t you just have kept the camera on him for that scene and then walked around and got footage after? I realize it’s meant to be a fun installment but it seemed like you weren’t genuinely paying attention to what Kluge had to say, and it comes off as a little disrespectful. His speech about the teddy bear could’ve been great but you effectively ruined it.

  4. lame girl ruining the shot of Kluge..

    also, i agree with previous commenters, what’s with the (poor) zooming in on everything? I would have enjoyed more wide panning to get more shots of the different rooms… maybe that’s just the stalker in me talking.

  5. was this taken during one of kluge’s last day of seminar dinners at his house? because that would explain a lot

  6. should’ve gotten a film student to film this or something…

    but anyways, can i say he’s my kenyon krush? because he is…

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