The Monday Catch Up


Francois Hollande and Nicholas Sarkozy duke it out on TV. If only CNN were this classy! via

Good morning! Or, if you were up until the nerd bell, good afternoon.

The Lead Story: While our presidential election won’t take place for a few months, France had theirs yesterday! As many analysts predicted, Socialist candidate Francois Hollande defeated incumbent Nicholas Sarkozy. Despite this referendum on the incumbent, many in Europe are unsure of how Mr. Hollande’s anti-austerity policies will jive with Germany, the largest economy in the Eurozone.

Everything Else:

That’s Dr. O’Neal to you! Shaq got his doctorate in education on Saturday.

Joe Biden didn’t say something stupid recently, by which I mean he endorsed gay marriage.

The Avengers became the first movie in history to gross over $200 million in three days. Personally, I think it’s because they keep raising ticket prices.

Proving once and for all that liberals hate Christmas, the National Christmas Tree has died.

The Long Read: Osama Bin Laden was killed a year ago last week. Check out this narrative of how it went down.

The Weather: Today will be the warmest day of the week, but expect thunderstorms this afternoon. The rest of the week will be pleasant with highs in the low 70s/high 60s. It may rain tomorrow morning, too.

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