10 o’clockish list: Top 5 Signs You’re Burned Out From Finals Week

It may be only day 2 into finals week but for some of us it feels like day 86. The a sweet memories of yesteryear are becoming hazy even as you cling to them for comfort. Sendoff and Castaway are just a glimmer in your eye. What happened B.B.B (before Big Boi) you’re not completely sure. So in tonight’s list we bring you the top indicators that your mind, body, and soul are starting to crumble.

You wish you saw this earlier.

  1. You find yourself meticulously critiquing a video exhibiting P.F. Kluge’s house because the camera intermittently cutting to shots of classy alcohol and as a result fails to deliver the purported seriousness and sentimentality of Kluge telling in a lighthearted tone the story of his long lost teddy bear. Who doesn’t like shots of classy alcohol?
  2. You start off a blog list with a critique of a commenter’s critique of a video uploaded to the website yesterday. Sorry homie, it’s one of those desperate times things.
  3. As you write said blog list, you speculate that your blood content consists of 50% coffee, 50% water and 50%  NOS (the “energy” drink).
  4. You unscientifically calculate the contents of your blood to 150% and find reason for happiness in the fact that none of your finals directly involve math or science.
  5. You find yourself Googling “origin of sleep is the cousin of death.” RapGenius.com says that the phrase didn’t originate with Nas (the rapper), but instead its origins trace back to Greek mythology and the Talmud. Personally, I like the Blue Scholars‘ usage best. Then it hits you that discovering RapGenius.com in the heart of finals week was probably a huge mistake. #sorryimnotsorry

9 responses

  1. nothing alleviates the pain of finals week like a hilarious post from M.S. Kord. kudos my friend, kudos.

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  3. lol found this after searching “sleep is the cousin of death origin” while studying for midterms…i’m screwed for finals this quarter

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