Tristan Neviska Goes All Julia Nunes On Us

My general sense of Tristan Neviska ’13 is that he spends a good amount of his creative process outside the box.  Like way outside. An art major with a prolific musical background – and a penchant for psychedelic video work to boot (like this gem he put together for a track of mine) – the man has a serious taste for the weird and experimental.

With a catalog of tunes spanning every genre from ambient electronica to auto-tuned Arabic hip-hop to one-man acapella covers to electro-pop remixes of the inimitable Mikey Bullister, I’m pretty used to hearing strange and novel musical forays from him. Our musical collaborations under the monkier ConfidenceCoyote have yielded plenty of strange fruit: for example, a dancefloor-ready cover of emo rock darlings Hawthorne Heights, with a verse from “Ice Ice Baby” thrown in for good measure.

So you can imagine my surprise (and yet, at the same time, my utter lack of surprise) when I checked our Facebook correspondence one day to find a track from Tristan that involved little more than a ukelele and some vocals. He’s since released an EP of such songs under the name Tristan James, and it’s some of his best songwriting work to date.

You can stream and download all four of those sweet, folky jams after the jump.

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