10 o’clock list: Dining Hall Names

The West dining wing.

Peirce has its own tag at the Thrill–we talk about it all the time. However, our dining hall lexicon is continuously in a scramble. What is the official name of the dining hall on the West side of the building? What about the East side? How do most students refer to either? Below is a cataloguing of all the Kenyon upper level dining hall terms, organized by the people who use them.

1. The Great Hall: what ex-Young Writers and first year English major wannabes call the West dining hall.

2. Upper Dempsey: what studious types and upper class independents call the East dining hall.

3. Old Side: what first year non-English major wannabes call the West dining hall.

4. New Side: see above but replace “West” with “East.”

5. The Dark Side: what disgruntled skirt wearing independents call the West dining hall when their friends force them to sit there even though the benches make moving in non-pants virtually impossible.

6. The Scarf Side: I hear Luke Ivey ’12 made this up? So: Luke Ivey.

7. Thomas: what scarf wearing Chamber singers call the East dining hall.

7 responses

    • WTF IS WINDOWS. It’s the Great Hall and Upper Dempsey. Jock side and Hipster side are appropriate descriptions. I am too old for this. (Class of ’06. I am An Old.)

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