Dean Delahunty Discusses Gender Roles on CBS Sunday Morning

Delahunty during her CBS interview.

To those of you who weren’t awake around 9:00 a.m. yesterday and watching CBS News (so, all of you), you missed out. CBS Sunday Morning aired a story on gender roles (shout out to Crozier) and how that affects college admissions and performance, and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Jennifer Delahunty was heavily featured.

It’s no secret that Kenyon accepts a higher percentage of men than women in order to maintain some semblance of a gender balance, as the Collegian reported last fall. The CBS piece also revisits Delahunty’s famous New York Times editorial from 2006, “To All The Girls I’ve Rejected.”

In the video, Delahunty says,

“There’s a kind of anti-intellectualism of young men that really bothers me. That it’s not cool to be smart. That it’s not cool to be engaged. That it’s not cool to do your homework. That bothers me.” 

Whether she’s right or not (hint: she is) is up to you. I’m just here to tell you that your college administrators keep busy during the summer!

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  1. At least one Kenyon administrator seems to be vaguely doing something ‘productive’ around here. It’s a shame that she didn’t use such a public forum to shed light on what’s really happening at Kenyon these days. Delahunty and Admissions in general tow a strange line between the picturesque light the College paints itself in far too often and the harsh realities of the ‘business’ we all find ourselves caught up in.

    • This push is not about revenge. I hardly think you’d be telling others to calm down if it was your family’s future on the line.

      • Then don’t you think it would be a better use of the college’s resources to insure all financial aid needs are met *and* protect the livelihood of all Kenyon employees rather than tear down one set of perfectly good apartments to build another set of more attractive apartments. This is not a simple choice between making cuts to financial aid and making cuts in maintenance. (As much as the administration would like you to believe that when it’s convenient.)

      • I know. Why is there suddenly a magical connection between the financial aid budget and the maintenance budget? Well…Abra Cadabra!…now there’s a direct connection between the financial aid budget and the executive salaries budget. Or the gund gallery budget? That makes more sense because it’s closer to the financial aid office!

        At the same time, I certainly share the concerns of students on financial aid. If your financial aid is cut you should be standing outside the president’s office demanding answers, not outside the custodial closet in your dorm.

  2. Well, just make darn sure you keep admitting men. Affirmative action, you know. Tolerate diversity too. Standards? What are those? After reading this decade’s Alumni Bulletins, I can see why Kenyon might attract “anti-intellectuals”. Ice cream lovers will love the ice cream parlor(it used to be The Kenyon Bookstore…..R.I.P.).

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