10 o’clock list: Summer in Gambier edition

This is the picture “The Summer Dogs” requested run with this post.

This post (guest written by “The Summer Dogs,” or whatever), captures the luminous, ephemeral Gambier summer and compacts it into an enumerated to-do list. It’s dreamy.

Hey, “The Summer Dogs,” don’t burn the place down before the rest of us get back!

Okay, list:

1. Get involved with a labor dispute.
2. A cellar door is usually an excellent method to sneak into an empty house.
3. Remember Bexleys? They’re still there. Kind of. Go for a walk on the surface of the moon late at night.
4. Become friends with the cute girl/guy from your year you’ve never met until this summer.

5. Remind seniors every day how long they have until graduation (http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20130518T00&p0=805).
6. Community softball.
7. BFEC trails, observatory walks, Sunset Trail, caves, Apple Valley Lake, Kokosing, etc.
8. Drive a golf cart into a swamp at a farm.
9. Pretend like you’ve been cooking for yourself all summer and not living off bologna sandwiches from the Market.
10. Talk to everyone and anyone you meet on campus. Looking for a spiritual path in life? The Unitarians are chill and the Mountaintop kids are everywhere. Enjoy watching sexuality caged like an animal at the zoo? The Rainbow Girls might not give you the time of day, but the 1980s prom dresses will catch your attention (maybe their mothers will make fun of the birkenstock tan on your feet). Want to start the new year fresh with a new group of friends? KEEP kids were pre-o before pre-o was pre-o. Are your friends too illiterate for you? Young Writers totally love Thoreau and Kerouac. Trying to score some drugs? Don’t try the Ohio Teen Institute.
11. Shut off power in the Aclands and convince everyone the July Blackout returned.
12. Meet locals and make conversation with them at the Village Inn (especially 90-something-year-old Jim).
13. Paint Beta rock, like the Zetas.
14. Participate in Psych studies and make easy $$$.
15. Go to all the Summer in Gambier parties and spend every next day talking with everyone from all the Summer in Gambier parties about how weird all the Summer in Gambier parties are.

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  1. Oh in addition to my inspirational thoughts, I’d like to dedicate a special serenade of “Starships” to the summer people before school starts. It’ll be on Ransom Lawn Sunday August 12th at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

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