Here is a Sketchily Sourced “Liberal Arts” Trailer

Update: Director of Campus Events Bethanne Fowler has told The Thrill that the Liberal Arts premiere has been moved to Sunday, Sept. 2, instead of Saturday, Sept. 1. We are awaiting more details of the event from Fowler.

Yes, it’s from the the Australian distributor’s website, and yes, the video is unlisted on YouTube, but what appears to be a genuine trailer for the Josh Radnor-directed “Liberal Arts” hit the web a little while ago. The film was shot at Kenyon last summer and was well-received (for the most part) at the Sundance Film Festival this past Spring.

It will make it Kenyon debut on Saturday, September 1, Sunday, Sept. 2 ,when the film will be screened in the KAC. Radnor will be in attendance and there will be popcorn.

[Hat-tip to everyone who posted this on Facebook]

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