A First Glance at Wiggin Street Coffee

This post comes to us from Oli Olufemi ’14. 

The opening of Wiggin Street Coffee this morning was glorious! The very exclusive breakfast club, which includes the likes of Mrs. and Mr. Kluge, as well as Peter Rutkoff, claimed early their rightful position at the head of the newly decorated cafe. They all voiced their approval, which means WSC is obviously in business. A few students had already settled in and after a few moments of panic when we struggled to locate outlets, everything was chill.

The “breakfast club” claims their rightful spot.

As for decor, I am in love. New mustard interior, good utilization of space — it feels huge. But peace out to the big comfy couch that used to sit near the front. It’s still a little sterile, but by the time the full student body rolls into town “it’ll have a much better feel,” according to Professor Kluge.

I ordered the first Wiggin Street Mocha, which was topped with whip and caramel. Overall, good quality. The house brew was, according to one patron, a little similar to MiddleGround. Time will tell how it fares with the Lords and Ladies. The menu is lacking in the big ticket MidGra options. However, the V.I. is already serving lunch: sweet potato fries, the buffalo chicken wrap and jerk chicken panini all made the cut, as well as a lot of other items. I went with the WSC Umpqua Oatmeal, called Mostly Sunny (a blend of apples, cranberries and raisins). It’s pretty boss. There’s a ton of different flavors. Besides that, there are scones, muffins and bagels rumored to surpass Peirce quality.

WSC Mocha and Oatmeal

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