Photos From Yesterday’s Sodexo Protest

A group of protesters on Middle Path on Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon, a crowd of Maintenance workers and supporters gathered on Middle Path to “say no to Sodexo” and encourage the Maintenance Management Advisory Panel to consider their position while the panel met inside Finn House. The protest was billed as a peaceful and informational picket against outsourcing jobs, and The Thrill was there to take pictures.

Many of the participants wore neon yellow T-shirts that read “commUNITY includes UNITY.”

The group stood behind Finn House, where a meeting of the Advisory Panel was taking place.

Group behind Finn House.

One response

  1. I have zero confidence in my student “representatives” on this panel. They should both resign in protest of the administrations’ inaccessibility (of which they are complicit), lack of transparency (again, of which they are complicit), and the simple fact that they were plucked from the multitudes of students without any clear qualifications for dealing with this very important matter (running unopposed and winning does not a representative make).

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