Extremely Important Kenyon Definitions

The Collegian made a list, but we think they forgot some words.

The Bexleys — (noun, place) Upper-class housing where there are lots of parties. Ask for directions!

Brozier — (noun, place) The Crozier Center for Women. Also, a party thrown by the Queer Women’s Collective.

The ‘Burbs — (noun, place) Short for suburbs. The New North Campus Apartments (aka the New-News).

Cape Side of Peirce — (noun, place) The Alumni Dining Room. Watch out for LARPers!

Los Caples — (noun, place, from the Spanish) Caples Residence Hall.

Coffee and Poetry Themed Housing — (noun, place) a.k.a. Klonopin themed housing.

The Cove — (noun, place) The Gambier Grill; the bar.

Cove o’Clock — (noun) When it’s time to go the the Cove. Also used when it’s time to order Cove food.

DFMO — (noun) Dance floor makeout.

the Dixie Lot — (noun, place)  The South 2 lot, a.k.a. the Deep South parking lot.

Rite Aid Trip — (noun) When “21+s” buy their liquor.

the Ganter —  (noun, place) The Alpha Delta Phi off-campus lodge.

Going to Goodwill — An exercise in classism (see “take that quote to Oberlin”).

the Gunderworld —  (noun, place) Either Gund the residence hall or Gund Commons.

Hard Knox — (noun, place) The piercing/tattoo place in Mount Vernon.

KAC Head House

Lounge Party — (noun) A party in the basement of Old Kenyon.

Market Run — (noun) When “21+s” buy their beer.

Market Dog — (noun) The finest hotdog in Gambier.

Mali — (noun, place) Where your UCC is studying abroad.

Molly — (noun, person) Your UCC’s name.

Molly –– (noun) Your UCC’s favorite club drug.

the New-New(s) —  (noun, place) Usually used to refer to a single house in the ‘Burbs.

ex: Coffee and Poetry themed housing is bullshit themed housing. HOW DID THEY GET A NEW-NEW?

Pink Door House — (noun, place) An off-campus house near the KAC.

Pink House —  (noun, place) An off campus house affiliated with the Phi Kaps.

the Squad —  (noun, place) The Science Quad.

Take That Shit to Oberlin –– What you say when someone does something like “contact improv.”

Trizza — (noun, pronounced: treat-sah) Dessert pizza at Peirce.

17 responses

      • “a.k.a. Klonopin themed housing.”

        The “Thrill Staff” is really grasping for straws on this one. What exactly are you insinuating? It’s beyond me why The Thrill feels the need to make distasteful remarks about fellow Kenyon students. And for what purpose? Comments like this just make The Thrill a glorified, Kenyon-specific gossip publication. Kudos.

  1. Editorial integrity? How about people show some personal integrity and stop making bullshit “coffee houses”. I hope every French press in that house breaks.

    • It’s a Creative Writing house. They went through the same approval process that all themed houses had to go through last spring, presented a strong application and were approved. It’s the first week of school, you can’t call them out on “bullshit” when you haven’t even given them the opportunity to run programs, etc. at the house.

  2. it’s bullshit but dont get upset that their bullshit is better than your bullshit. props for gaming the system.

  3. Guys let’s all make amends to one another and show our new first year friends a good time at Milks tonight. Seriously guys, tarp party and tons and tons of beer at Milks tonight. Milks is throwing down. First years, come hang out with us at Milks, bring your entire hall. Starts at 930 so be there by ten!

  4. Where the hell is Cape Side? What are LARPers? And what percent of the population uses those terms?
    xoxox, confused junior

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