Photos from the New Art Building

The other day, my colleague/”superior” Caleb Bissinger ’13 and I were minding our own business in the parking lot behind Chalmers and happened — just happened — to see that the door to the new Horvitz Center for the Visual Arts had been left unlocked. This is what we saw.*

*These photos were taken with an iPhone, and we traffic more in words than visuals — trash them in the comments if you want.

5 responses

  1. Not bad, but pictures cannot do it justice. This building is soooo crazy awesome! I want to take an art class right now! The views are amazing!

  2. Beautiful! Wonder who gets to clean all those windows…and how are they going to do it? Beautiful buildings with no thought as to how they are going to be kept up.

  3. it’s too late to change my major, but it’s not too late to marvel at what this building can offer-i wish the outside gray panels had been purple, but I think it is brilliant.

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