Find Your Address So You Can Vote in Ohio

The Republican National Convention is over which means everyone actually needs to  finally register (or re-register) to vote. There are mail-in Ohio voter registration forms right next to the Drop/Add forms outside the Registrar (Edwards House). Kenyon makes it so easy!

Remember, you must re-register every year, even if you live in the same building as last year. Here is a list of all the college building street addresses. Again: easy!

Let’s make sure Kenyon has as big of a voting turnout this November as it did in November of 2004. But also let’s hope for more poling places.

2 responses

  1. And when we register will the local blogs allow us ample room to form our own opinion or will it be VOTE OBAMA who is wonderful and a Faux Nobel Peace Prize winner or VOTE ROMNEY who is wonderful and is a Faux Compassionate Conservative?

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