We are Experiencing a Spicy Chips Renaissance

Image by Hanna Washburn ’14

While the Market does not currently have EXTREME Buffalo-flavored Pringles, the shelves at Walmart have shown a demonstrable resurgence of spicy flavored chips. Do you remember the highly reported spicy chip flavor trend in 2010? Well, the trend is back, and this time the spice we’re seeing is exotic. Doritos, Takis, Lays, Cheetos, and other off-market potato chip brands that I didn’t take pictures of are all offering at least one exotic spicy or hot option. I bet the London Olympics caused this outpouring of international love. Let the Orientalist bullshit (OBS) begin!

Long time maker of the brilliant and child behavioral problem causing Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Frito Lay has also produced a South American influenced “Cheddar Jalapeno” exotic flavor.

Pringles has also expanded its spicy flavor repertoire “South of the Border,” adding exotic Chile’n’Lime flavored chips to its Franks Red Hot Pringles products.

Here, we have more chile and lime with Takis exotic “Fuego” chips.

And finally, Doritos, which has always seemed vaguely colonial, is manufacturing even more exotic than usual Spicy Nacho flavored Doritos.

OBS aside, these chips are delicious. In fact, I ate some Chile’n’Lime Pringles while writing this blog post. But maybe I should have eaten some carrots instead.

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