Weekend Playlist: Welcome Back to (Old) Kenyon!


This is what you’re expecting. But this is probably a bit closer to what you’re in for.

The first weekend back at Kenyon is always an experience. That is to say, Old Kenyon parties start up again! So in the spirit of our campus’ renewed commitment to debauchery, here are some bangers you might hear at the “Klub” this weekend, probably because I’m in a band with the dude spinning the highlighter party.

But then again, he’s been known to mix Skrillex into sad country ballads, so I’m not really sure anybody can predict what you kids are in for.  My personal suggestions lie in wait after the jump.  Happy grinding!

The cool thing about Tay-Tay (no, not THAT Tay-Tay!) is that she makes catchy songs you can dance to. Oh wait, that’s every artist on top 40 radio nowadays. Maybe I just really like this song. Whatever.

You’ve probably already seen this absurdly awesome video, but it holds its own as a straight-up club tune. South Korea really knows what’s up.

Dunno if you have your finger on the pulse of dance music these days, but 2012 so far has definitely been the year of the ratchet. Producers everywhere have been jumping on the “trap” bandwagon, and I’ve heard more 808s and skittering hi-hats in the club this summer than I think I have in my entire life.  But this Kanye remix by future-club prophets Salva & RL Grime has been played out by every DJ and their mother, probably because the drop has the power to completely flatten any crowd, without fail.

…and to further prove my point, here’s another huge tune from across the borders. This summer saw the release of a self-titled EP by TNGHT (Canada’s Lunice & Scotland’s Hudson Mohawke) that pushed what we think of as “club music” into strange, swagged-out new territory. They’ve stated their intent to bring this sound into the U.S. rap game, and seeing as HudMo’s already worked with Kanye West (on the original mix of the preceding track), that might be a distinct possibility.

And we’ll close with a slow jam, in honor of an incredibly talented artist who died far too soon. We’ve been Aaliyah-less for more than ten years now, but she left behind a soulful, funky body of work that continues to inspire a ton of artists today. You probably won’t hear this at Old Kenyon, but I would buy a lot of drinks for the person who played this out in the ∆KE Lounge. Oh wait, I can’t yet.  Well, I’d give them a major high five.

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