10 o’clock list: Top Five Alarm Clocks

Is this how they filmed that aerial shot in “Liberal Arts”?

Tomorrow is the fifth school day of the semester, which means it’s just about time for you to start sleeping in and skipping those expensive cla$$e$. If you want to fight this urge, however, at least for another week or two, consider indulging in one of these cool alarm clocks.

  1. The Flying Alarm Clock ($19.99) — Pro: Forces you to get out of bed. Con: Will likely smash into your bookshelf and destroy everything and/or hit your roommate in the face (secretly a pro?).
  2. Clocky, the Alarm Clock on Wheels ($39.95) — Pro: Clocky gives you one chance to hit snooze before jumping off your nightstand and rolling around the room, unlike that no-fun helicopter thing. Con: I’m not sure I trust a clock that can move by itself. What if Clocky turns against me and tries to murder me in my bed?
  3. Tocky, the Runaway Alarm Clock ($69.99) — Pro: Also an mp3 player. Con: Seems derivative of Clocky, and way more expensive. Tocky better watch out, because Clocky is gonna be mad
  4. Your Residence Hall’s Fire Alarm (Free) — Pro: You’ll definitely get up when this goes off above your head. Con: Unpredictable.
  5. The old standby, of course, is your (or your roommate‘s) iPhone ($200 plus contract, or free if you’re a mooch). Here are our choices for the best/worst ringtones to set as your alarm, bearing in mind that even the most beautiful of sounds will become hellish after a few dozen mornings.

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