It’s Rough Out There; Try a Peirce Date

In no way is this an accurate representation of a Peirce Date. Peirce isn’t that fancy.

The Thrill would like to extend an invitation to all single Lords and Ladies out there to apply to be on Peirce Date.  For those of you not familiar with Peirce Date, it is essentially a blind date, only it’s Thrill staffers setting people up, and you go to Peirce. Just send us an email with “Peirce Date” in the subject line and your answers to the questionnaire bellow. You can send us an email for yourself or nominate a friend/enemy/frenemy.

  1. Year
  2. Major
  3. Hometown
  4. Ideal date
  5. Where to find you on a Saturday night
  6. Your best pick-up line/ice breaker
  7. Best lie you’ve ever told
  8. Best thing about Kenyon
  9. Worst thing about Kenyon
  10. In 20 years you are…

3 responses

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