Athlete Profile: Brett Williams


Class: 2013
Teams: Lords Football and Track
Hometown: West Geauga, Ohio
Extracurriculars: Football, Track, Kenyon College Drama, Wafflebox (Battle of the Bands), Beta Theta Pi, Writing Center.

Q- Your style of play is very physical and you’re known to run downhill. Who or what inspires you to play that way? 

A- I’m not sure exactly what it is that inspires my physicality. It might be that football is a major physically-aggressive release for me, so I get to hit people when I have the ball and enjoy doing so.

Q- What is the most valuable lesson Kenyon football has taught you?

A- Always persevere, no matter the circumstance.

Q- You’re actually a two-sport athlete. What events do you run in track?

A- Sprints, and I will start doing the decathlon this season.

Q- How, if at all, do you think track helps you as a football player?

A- Track helps me with my running discipline and mechanics. It’s also another competitive outlet, which keeps me from being complacent during the offseason.

Q- You’re an English major. w\What are your top three novels and writers?

A- Novelists: Joyce, Kerouac, Faulkner. Novels: A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man, On the Road and Rabbit, Run.

Q- Do you have anything to say to people who are on the fence or not planning on coming to the football home-opener this weekend?

A- Come. This is the start of something new, something that can completely change part of campus culture. If you enjoy football, or sports, or even just raucous crowds, Saturday will be an exciting time. The support would mean the world to the team, and could very well aid in our first win.

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