Do it tonight: Amitav Ghosh


Amitav Ghosh, award-winning novelist and essayist, is coming to Kenyon! He’ll be giving a talk tonight on “China and the Making of Modern India” at 7:30 in Higley Auditorium, and a reading tomorrow during Common Hour in the Community Foundation Theater, Gund Gallery. I know he isn’t exactly Josh Radnor famous, but this guy is actually really well known and has given talks at a bunch of Ivy League schools, so it’s totally a big deal that he is here. If you are interested in international relations, international development, developing countries, the world, the planet, writing, lectures and something else you can bring up in class that will make you sound well-rounded and cultured, go to one of the talks!

  • What: Amitav Ghosh, intellectual discussion, cla$$
  • Where: Higley Auditorium
  • When: 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Common Hour tomorrow

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