Fall Music Essentials, Vol. I

This post was written by Zach Arlia ’14.

Don’t worry, you’ll find out.

What’s good, fellow Gambier residents? The intelligent and attractive people at The Thrill have asked me to make a quick playlist highlighting some new music for the semester. Below are a handful of songs I have been really into recently; I hope some of them find their way into your daily rotation. Here we go.


1. Macklemore  & Ryan Lewis- Thrift Shop

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are an up-and-coming rapper/producer duo out of Seattle. Although the two gained almost all of their current popularity after last spring’s concert at the Horn, they are, nonetheless, very talented. As a member of XXL Magazine’s 2012 Freshman Class, Macklemore has been praised for his often-playful lyrics, as well as his delivery on more serious tracks. “Thrift Shop” definitely falls into the playful category, and praises every hipster’s favorite pastime: thrift shopping. If that’s not playful enough, the video features Slurpees, large fur coats and a DeLorean. Check it out.

House & Electronic:

1. Dada Life- Feed the Dada (Dyro Remix)

Dada Life is an electronic music duo from (where else?) Sweden. While Dada’s stuff is always awesome and filled with copious amounts of bass, Dyro’s remix of their latest release was largely responsible for blowing out my speakers- in the best possible way. Needless to say, Dyro’s mix takes electro house to a whole new level. This one’s a certified Old Kenyon banger.

2. Tyga- Make it Nasty (Go Buck! Remix)

First off, I admit that I went to high school with Go Buck!, but this post is far from a shameless plug. OK, so this one won’t appeal to everyone; this is Go Buck!’s moombahton (essentially a mix between house and reggaeton) remix of Tyga’s charming serenade. Go Buck! uses some awesome synths and lots of bubbles to truly make the song his own. Give it a listen– it might tickle your fancy, or at the very least excite your inner misogynist. It is a love song, after all.

Obligatory Kenyon Indie Artist:

Mesita is a 20 year old artist from Colorado who makes some fantastic electro-indie music. I would describe his style as Pretty Lights-esque with a much more relaxed feel and, on top of that, Mesita does his own vocals.  Listen to Mesita’s newest album, Coyote, here.

He’s even been nice enough to post an older, free EP up on his bandcamp page.

PS: If you are looking for more music suggestions by either me or others, please find a Kenyon music sharing Facebook group here.

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