Athletes and Greeks Encouraged to “Eat Quickly”

But only because they keep opening the windows in the Great Hall and ruining the floor! That old, beautiful hardwood just can’t handle gales of damp Ohio air. If athletes and Greeks want to feel the wind in their hair, they need to gulp down their food and tear outside before their 1:10 starts. Or, they could just take their meal outside to Ransom lawn like the scarf kids do.

3 responses

  1. Yeah sure, because the greeks and athletes are definitely solely responsible for the problem rather than anything related to the ventilation system of the building being regulated to maintain the correct humidity levels. That makes sense.

    • but it’s funny because usually only athletes and greeks eat in there………’s one of those funny kenyon-isms………..LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT OK?

  2. Ummmm, I also have a wood floor in Gambier and it is adapting to the humidity. Why can’t Kenyon? Is Kenyon really paying to air condition the building even when empty? What does ECO have to say about THAT?

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