10 o’clock list: Best Ways to Treat Yo’ Self at Kenyon

Pure Joy.

On this lovely day in the fictitious world of Kenyon, it’s easy to forget that life can be a bitch sometimes. But without fail, soon enough, you will have one of those days when nothing is going your way. Maybe your alarm didn’t go off and you slept through Quest for Justice. Maybe there was a pop quiz on the reading that you didn’t finish. Maybe the Deli was all out of chocolate muffins (tragic). Or maybe that cute guy/gal you met this weekend at Ganter doesn’t remember your name. Whatever the case, on a bad day you feel like you’ve been kicked in your hypothetical or very real testicles over and over again. (Ed.: You can’t even imagine, Leslie.)

When this situation arises, the best thing to do is treat yourself. In tonight’s list, I humbly offer some suggestions to perk up your mood.

  1. Food — I’m sure you’ve been told to avoid emotional eating, but sometimes a large WiggleGround frozen mocha and a chocolate muffin are very necessary.
  2. Spa KAC — Go. All. Out. I’m talking steam room/sauna. Smoothies. Stare at the swimmers while they practice. Face masks. What ever it takes. In the end, you will be relaxed and have super soft skin.
  3. Online Shopping — We may be isolated here on the Hill, but you can still reach the outside world of consumerism through this magical device called the Internet.  Because, in the wise words of Paolo Nutini, “I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right.”
  4. Calling your Mom/Grandmother — They love you and have to listen to you complain/cry on the phone. Or they might give you the tough love you need.
  5. Leave Campus — Sometimes our rural sanctuary can feel like a prison. At moments like this it is important to remember that you can leave and go to Mount Vernon (or even Columbus) for an hour or two. A solo trip to CVS can be incredibly soothing.  CVSs are the same everywhere.

Runner-up: Distract Yo’ Self.

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