Nandi Plunkett ’11 to Release Split 7″ with Deerhoof

Man, do I love Deerhoof.

This gets me really psyched.  Nandi Plunkett, founding member of Colla Voce and occasional singer/keyboardist for Pinegrove (music project of fellow ’11 Evan Hall), just announced her first official release as Half Waif.  The single, “Black Mountain,” will be pressed as the B-side of a 7″ being released in mid-October on Famous Class. The A-side contains “Sexy, But Sparkly,” a track by a well-established (since ’92) San Francisco band called Deerhoof.

If Wikipedia is to be trusted, then chances are your favorite “indie” bands (e.g. TV on the Radio, The Flaming Lips, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent, Sleigh Bells, and of Montreal) are super into Deerhoof’s strange, kaleidoscopic blend of sonic experimentalism and serious rock chops. That’s right kids, you too can graduate from Kenyon to share a vinyl record with one of the most profoundly influential noise bands of the past 20 years!  Hit the jump for music and more details on the release.

Famous Class is releasing the split EP (on limited edition white vinyl to boot) as part of their LAMC Split 7″ series.  “For each LAMC split 7-inch,” their website explains, “we ask one of our favorite bands to provide us with an unreleased track for the A-side. We then asked them to pick their favorite emerging artist to provide a track for the B-side.” Looks like for Deerhoof, that artist happened to be a music and anth double major from a little college on a hill in Ohio.

You may never have heard of Deerhoof before, but trust me when I say that this is some pretty big news for those of us who occasionally go to Horn meetings (cf. the little list of bands earlier).

You can pre-order the 7″ here (they ship out on October 15th). Nandi has self-released another tune, “Vespers,” under the name Half Waif, which you can stream and download for free below.

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