Kenyon Grads Doing Something With Their English Degrees; Take That Mom and Dad

Okay, technically they haven’t done it yet. But they will, and they need our help! Kenyon grads Murat Oztaskin ’11 and Catherine Duennebier ’10 have created the Red Branch Journal, which was “founded with the intention of fostering an intimate dialogue between artist and editor and providing publishing opportunities for artists at any stage in their careers.”

It was a huge success with its first online publication, but now they’re ready to take it to print. They’re partnering with Gambier publishing company XOXOX Press (Side note: This exists? Am I the only one who didn’t know about this? Do I find it depressing or endearing that their website has expired?) and Kickstarter to get the money they need to make this possible. With about a month to go, they need almost $5,000 more, and I think this is something we could all get behind. Click here to donate! If we ousted Sodexo, we can print a literary magazine, amirite or amirite?

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