Last Call Food Cart Is Back

From left to right: Logan Rhyne (brother), Claire Dutton ’14 (employee) and Jordan Rhyne ’13 (owner)

After a summer of drunkenly eating whatever was left in your parents’ fridge, the return of the Last Call Food Cart is manna from heaven. First years may not have experienced a 1:00 a.m. quesadilla, but I know you’ve experienced the crushing disappointment of getting to Old Kenyon and seeing a pile of empty pizza boxes (Is that just me?). With a brand new menu, the Cart is expecting this year to be even more successful than last.

After selling out of their 100% Ohio beef burgers last weekend at the DKE party, they’re testing out their new menu tomorrow on Middle Path during regular lunch and dinner hours. They’re hoping to be open once a weekend outside of a large all-campus party, but the best way to keep up with them is through their Facebook page.

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