Grease & Nostalgia: A Love Letter to the VI Tater Tots

Photo by Izzy Sanderson ’15

Sure, there have been plenty of uncomfortable changes this year, but I think it’s also important to spotlight a few good ones — especially those of the deep-fried variety.

What we lost in MiddleGround fries, my friends, we gained in VI Tater Tots. They’re crisp, they’re salty, they’re stunningly bad for you — everything you could possibly want in a side order (or an entrée, for that matter).

The VI Tater Tots are more than hangover food — they’re a little kick of childhood nostalgia. Every time I pop one in my mouth, I long to throw on a faded Kids’ XL Pikachu T-shirt, curl up on my parents’ living-room couch and lose myself in Hey Arnold! Isn’t that all any of us really want in this world?

Go forth and treat yo’self, Kenyon!

(I should probably make it clear that the VI is not paying me to write this. But if they wanted to, I accept cash, checks and sandwiches.)

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