Is This a Nude Painting of the Nuge? (Okay, Probably Not. But Maybe?)

Last week, I holed up in the third floor-Smather study lounge, all set to make a dent in my poli-sci reading. Unfortunately, though, as so often happens when examining polling data from the 1932 election, my mind — and eyes — soon began to wander. Imagine my surprise when I spotted this gem hanging on the wall:

Maybe I just have a sick mind, but … the cropped hair. The earrings. The petite yet powerful frame. And come on, it’s titled “The Nude.” Awfully close to “The Nuge,” hmm? Let’s put it to a little Rorschach test.

When I look at this painting, I see:

A) A tasteful, slightly abstract nude portrait of our fearless leader, S. Georgia Nugent,* in repose with her back to the viewer (and, presumably, her sparkly special-occasion suit shed somewhere out of view).


B) A normal painting of a random short-haired woman, who could be anyone but is definitely not our esteemed, soon-to-be-gone-but-never-forgotten college president.

Now, I don’t know what the right answer is, or if there even is one. All I know is what I texted to another Thrill editor immediately after my discovery” “OK, I’m 75% sure I just found a nude painting of The Nuge in Smather. Can we post about this?!? This is my Watergate.”

*President Nugent, if you’re reading this, please don’t shut us down. From Early Renaissance masterpieces to ’90s romantic disaster movies starring Leo DiCaprio, history has proved time and time again that nude portraiture is the ultimate sign of respect.

11 responses

  1. Notice how the edges of the figure are sketched, like it was only present momentarily. Kind of like how our president is never on campus.

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