The Thrill Presents: The Kenyon Sound, Vol.1

A sampler of recent tunes by current students & alumni.

You all know that kid who plays guitar on the chapel lawn and covers Bob Dylan in his room during the wee hours of the night.  But do you know the dude in your international studies class who’s actually a boss hip-hop producer?  Is one of our alums really splitting a single with Deerhoof? Who were those dudes rapping and hitting things at the activities fair?  What’s a “Pinegrove” anyway?

It’s been a busy summer for Kenyon musicians, and thanks to the Internet (not to mention all the artists who so graciously shared their music with us) we here at The Thrill managed to cull together an online mixtape of sorts: 18 hand-picked songs, beats, remixes, album cuts and live recordings by both current students and alums, with a few guest musicians here and there.

Make music?  Email with tunes, releases and anything you think we should hear!

Free (!!) download, tracklist and more juicy deets after the jump.

D  O  W  N  L  O  A  D

1. Love Money – The Young Crooks
2. Bad American Wedding – Ryan Chapin Mach
3. The Cove – The Basement Beat
4. It Don’t Rain – Apeman
5. October (Thrill Session) – French Club
6. Drinking All Night (Thrill Session) – Poor Remy
7. Sliding Divine – Glen Echo
8. Sunday – Pinegrove
9. When Morning Comes – Addie Pray
10. Vespers – Half Waif
11. Rise of the Half Moon [512/212] – Andrew Dunham
12. MSTA K3¥ – ConfidenceCoyote
13. I’m Hustlin’ – Shadrack ft. James Plunkett
14. Count – Sleeping//Giant
15. Vacation 1 (Shift4 Glitchy Atmosphere Remix) – Kid Winter
16. Thomas Paine Goes to Space – dr.dr.
17. Talk About It – We Just Spoke
18. Far Away From Here – FIREstone

D  O  W  N  L  O  A  D

the young crooks is the music project of win dunham ’14.
ryan chapin mach is the music project of ryan chapin mach ’14.
the basement beat is a band from massachusetts that features mikey bullister ’14.
apeman is another band from massachusetts but with ethan primason ’14 and not mikey.
french club is the music project of lily zwaan and rhodes sabangan ’14, but it has also included other people like jeff hechler ’12, marissa hartman ’14, trevor ezell ’12 and mikey.
poor remy is a band comprised of andrew d’amico ’12, kenny polyak ’12 and adrian galvin ’12.
glen echo is a band comprised of alex martin ’13 and bennett davidson ’12.
pinegrove is a band featuring evan hall ’11 and nandi plunkett ’11.
addie pray is the music project of carmen perry ’15.
half waif is nandi’s solo stuff.
andrew dunham is the fusion of andrew firestone + win dunham. they’re the dudes you saw opening for danny brown last semester.
confidencecoyote is the fusion of shift4 + dr.dr. they’re the dudes you saw rapping & hitting things at the activities fair.
shadrack is a rapper who lived next door to james plunkett ’13 while the latter was abroad in uganda last spring. they recorded a song together and james sang the hook.
sleeping//giant is an electronic dream of oren weingrod ’14.
shift4 is tristan neviska ’13, here remixing a song mikey wrote for an older band called kid winter that also included lily, rhodes, win, & edek sher ’13.
dr.dr. is a cybernetic experiment of daniel rasch ’14.
we just spoke is the subaquatic adventure of ryan mach + hannah beckerman ’14.
FIREstone is andrew firestone ’14.

21 responses

  1. worst fear: listening to addie pray on repeat and carmen perry seeing it over my shoulder in the library………………i’m obsessed.

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