10 o’clock list: Some Fake Synoptic Majors

(via kenyon.edu)

Here at liberal arts college, not only can you major in English, but you can also major in a mix of romantic poetry, ugly landscape art and naturalist philosophers. The latter type of major is called a “synoptic.” Synoptics can be pretty cool (Social Justice! City Planning!) but they can also be totally weird and fake. If you have yet to declare your major, or even if you have declared your major but feel like getting a little crazy and re-declaring with a synoptic, below is a list of potential majors that you may consider.

1.  Hegemonic Masculinity. This major combines Political Science, Economics and Philosophy into one compact synoptic.  Required courses include: Classical Quest for Justice, John Locke’s Liberalism, Existentialism, and Money and Financial Markets. Sociology classes are probably prohibited.  Women’s and gender studies classes are definetly prohibited.

2. Glitter. Glitter majors concentrate their course of study in Drama, Dance, and Art history. Required courses include: Modern Dance, The Costume Designer, Greek Art ;) and the History of Western Theater. Gossiping about fellow majors is strongly encouraged.

3. Black Lesbian Studies. Perfect for students who miss the Sociology minor, Black Lesbian Studies is the marriage of African Diaspora Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies and the aforementioned Soc. Required courses include: Between Womanist and Feminist Theories, Institutions and Inequalities, Human Sexualities and Jazz Age: 1900-1930.

4. Self-conscious Jewish Literature Studies.  Taken by coastal students only, this major guiltlessly (?) melds English, Religious Studies and Pre-med. Required courses include: Judaic Traditions, Theory of Comedy, all the pre-med requirements and reading Phillip Roth for fun (?).

5. American Studies. Just kidding!

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