Bathroom Oddities

Ladies, you can all stop worrying because I finally found the tampons WITHOUT pins.

We may have a victorious football team and swanky new buildings, but there is one aspect of Kenyon campus life that truly shows our twisted underbelly: the bathrooms. After attending Kenyon for a little over a year, I’ve run across some strange stuff (see above). Check out more oddities after the jump!

Continuing on the directed-at-females-in-an-odd-way theme, this is for those modern women on-the-go.

Handy fecal matter classification system! (Chalmers 1st floor men’s room.)

Casual bullet holes.

This is a supply closet with a toilet in it. I’m offended that I’m expected to believe that it is and ever was supposed to be a bathroom. (Gund Commons computer lab.)

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