Eco Tip of the Week: Reusable Mug!

This series comes to us courtesy of  Kenyon ECO ( Environmental Campus Organization). 

These bad boys will save the planet.

We know, you’ve heard it before: bring a reusable mug to Peirce to avoid wasting paper cups.  But hell, it’s not gonna hurt ya to hear it again.  So why is it  important? Read on to find out!  Peirce can compost the cups if they’re sent through dish return, but otherwise that’s a ton of unnecessary stuff about to end up in a landfill.  Plus, for each cup we’re not only talking about trash, but also the resources that went into its production (trees, water, fossil fuel energy, and so on).  Reusing your own travel mug eliminates all that waste, and saves Kenyon money as well.

Never remember your mug?  Try keeping it in the same spot of your bag/backpack when not in use.

Don’t have a travel mug?  You can get one almost anywhere (including the bookstore), but there are alternatives.  How about a glass jar with a lid?  Or your water bottle?  Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, try a regular ceramic mug and see if you can get around campus without spilling!  It may seem like a hassle, but bringing your own mug actually makes a big difference.  And if you really have to take a cup, please, recycle the plastic lids!

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