Duplex Porch No Longer Attached to Duplex

The Duplex, an off-campus student residence, experienced a structural tragedy this past Saturday night. The back porch, home to A) years of Kenyon parties and B) doubts about the soundness of its construction, fell off. Details from a party-attending tipster after the jump.

Earlier Saturday night, the house residents had warned partygoers to clear off the deck, perhaps fearing the patio’s impending demise. Partygoers received additional warning immediately before the porch severed itself from the brick house; as the patio wood felt its last ounces of strength departing, the long-taxed structure let out “a big ass groan.” This groan caused alarm among the party attendees, but did not afford enough time for escape before the porch’s collapse.

Our tipster went on to tell us that there were around 20-25 people standing on the porch at the time of its collapse. While no one was seriously injured, “wood shards” did scratch the arm of at least one party attendee. Guests who had been caught in the collapse were helped out of the wreckage by their peers.

“It was actually really cool to see people’s first thought be ‘Is everyone else okay?'” shared our tipster.

While the Duplex and its porch may have experienced a structural split, the division only reaffirmed the Kenyon community’s united fellowship.

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