Kenyon Doppelgängers: Will Quam ’14 and Prof. Ben Viccellio

Quamcellio in their natural habitat, the Bolton Theatre.

Today marks a very special occasion: The Thrill’s very first intergenerational, student-faculty Doppelgänger. And who better to mark this occasion than drama major Will Quam ’14 and Assistant Professor of Drama Ben Viccellio ’98?

Details and a badass photo after the jump!

Besides their rugged good looks, both men share a fashion sense, favoring jeans and simple button-downs (although in a nod to current Kenyon fashion, Quam sometimes adds a cardigan, and Viccellio does not share his predilection for bow ties). Although Viccellio favors a more disheveled hair style, the two sport approximately equal amounts of scruff. Last semester, Quam was Guildenstern in Viccellio’s production of Hamlet … a role that Viccellio himself has also played.

Quam says that he did not set out specifically to become Viccellio’s double, but that the transformation happened slowly and inexorably. In fact, he was playing a homeless person in last fall’s production of Hunting Cockroaches when the similarity was first noticed. For his part, Viccellio regards Quam’s imitation as “very flattering … this is why I cast him in my shows.”

Quamcellio regard each other suspiciously.

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