Kenyon Krafts: Fixing the T-Shirt You Just Bought in Peirce

Some of us aren’t skilled enough to avoid the Peirce Hazards and end up getting sucked in and shelling out $10. But that’s okay, because this t-shirt is awesome. It has a great message and a great slogan (and will still be on sale tomorrow during lunch and dinner!), and I’m not saying I regret buying it: I just regret convincing myself time and time again that the t-shirt will fit. For those times when Peirce runs out of your size so you buy the next one up and tell yourself it will shrink in the wash (Ha. Laundry.), or if you’re just plain awkward-looking like me, here’s how to turn that t-shirt into something snazzy and sassy.

Step 1. Measure your T-Shirt

Don’t pretend you would have figured this out without this helpful diagram, you peasants.

  • Use the pins from your plush cat pushpin holder (do we not all have one of these?) and mark where you want to make your cuts. Or just guesstimate and cut haphazardly like the honey badger you are.

Step 2. Make the cuts!

Step 3. Uh. That’s it.


OMG. So not acceptable.


So acceptable.

Now consent is sexy, and so are you!

9 responses

  1. kate lindsay please come into my closet and re cut all of my shirts to be fun, flowy and flirtatious. please and thank youuuuuu. also you should do some kenyon kribs of those sweet bushnell rooms.

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