Sign of the Week: Leo

Hey good lookin’…whatcha got cookin’?

I know that the Sun just entered Libra, but we’re going to back-track a bit because I want to talk about me. This first horoscope is for the Leos, but if you’re a friend of a Leo, you probably also want to pay attention ‘cause this is gonna be big.

Academics: It’s looking like a rough week. Expect lots of quality time with the rainbow chair in the corner of third floor Olin.

Food: But! Look forward to some possible cookie pie mid-week/late-week/next week as the moon moves from its full state to its last quarter.

Sleep: If you’re planning on waking up early to finish work, don’t.

Organization: Although you are permanently immature, you may want to pull yourself together this week because, well, you always need to pull yourself together. Also, anything unwanted or destructive that happens isn’t your fault (I mean it might be, but this is a horoscope).

Social life: As I learned from, right now is an “excellent time to destroy weeds and pests” from your life–so go ahead and start destroying. Kill that centipede who’s taken up residence in your apartment sink. Maybe leave its carcass under your evil roommate’s pillow?

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