10 o’clock list: Where to Go When You’re Sexiled on a Weeknight: A Journey

Napping in public…

So, it’s a Monday night, and you don’t have that much work to do. You figure you’ll head home and finish up your paper before catching up on Parenthood and crashing. But as you’re passing Wiggin Street Coffee, you get a text from your roommate: Hey, can I have the room for a while? Here it is: where to go when you’re sexiled on a weeknight:

  1. WiggleGround – Ever since Middleground became Wiggin Street Coffee, rather than loud moans shouted across the room over how much work everyone has, it’s actually quiet in there. So, you head over and settle down with your soy mocha (yup), and you’re about to write a brilliant sentence for your Gender Benders class, and all of a sudden the lights are being dimmed — a subtle hint that they’re closing.
  2. Your friend’s room – This seems like a good spot to settle for an hour or so before your roommate texts you. And when your friend is ready to go to bed, they offer you the floor. But your phone has a text from your roomie: Sry this is taking sooo long! Thinking this means that your roommate’s wrapping up, you tell your friend: it’s chill, I’ll just head to Olinski for a bit.
  3. The library – Okay. So, the fluorescent lighting is a little much right now … but at least you can finish writing your groundbreaking Gender Benders paper. When you finish, you curl up on a couch to take a little catnap, and are woken at 1:50 a.m. Looking shmexy, you get up, wipe the drool off the couch and button your pants.
  4. Gund Commons – You walk in, and sprawled on the floor next to his chair is that rando you met at Stash Bash a few weeks ago. His headphones are lying next to him, blasting that new Mumford song through the room. You consider waking him up, but quickly decide to trek out into the rain (yes, it’s raining now) and head back to your dorm.
  5. The hallway – Finally, after a night of wandering, you settle down on the hall floor, surrounded by that bizarre smell that only exists in college common spaces. You curl up using your backpack as a pillow, dreaming of the text that is sure to come soon. At 4:12 a.m., you feel your phone vibrating…You can totes come home now! Sry…fell asleep and forgot to text you!

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