Beard of the Week: Nick Connolly ’15

This week, it seems like the vast majority of Kenyon men have decided to keep their faces clean in preparation for the long winter months. The familiar ‘staches, patches, burns and chops we’ve all come to know and love have suddenly disappeared without even having the decency to leave a note! The jerks!

I guess mustache season is over. As we now begin our countdown to No-Shave November, it’s time to give dap to folks with the most bodacious beards. Ladies and germs, your beard of the week!

Nick Connolly's Beard of the Week

The Man: Nick Connolly ’15

The Look: “Wisdom”

Grow Time: A year and a half

Inspiration: Wizards (like Gandalf) and Dwarves (like Gimli)

If you have a suggestion for next week’s Beard of the Week (redundant much?), tell us in the comments!

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