Kenyon in the (Roaring ’20s) News: Centennial

The New York Times published an article in 1924 celebrating Kenyon’s centennial anniversary, and in typical Kenyon fashion spend more time going on about bizarre and quasi-related things like carpentry than anything actually relevant. Gasp as Philander Chase breaks his ribs (for real) being crushed under “an enormous coach filled with fat passengers!” Sigh as you realize that Kenyon housing hasn’t really improved at all in the last 188 years, nor has its housing policy! Amusingly, this article takes up maybe a quarter of the Times page it’s featured on, while the other 75% is filled by an gigantic advertisement for…women’s rubber girdles, with a main selling point being that they “[don’t] cause you embarrassment because of [their] disagreeable odor.” Excuse me?

Full article after the jump.





As for these–they certainly aren’t corsets, no no — you fastidious women can pick them up for only $10.75. They just sound like a blast, don’t they? Don’t panic if you suddenly can’t breathe, that’s just weight loss in action.

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  1. The Hill is really a magnent for wind storms (“hurricaines from days of yore”), especially South Quad, as anyone who experienced the Blackout of ’08 “A Brave New World” can attest. those were the days of yore

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