Athlete Profile: Michael Kengmana

Michael Kengmana in action.

Michael “Trixie” Kengmana

Class: 2014

Hometown: New York City, NY

Team: Men’s Rugby

Position: Scrumhalf

Major: History

3 favorite things about Kenyon:

  1. Peirce
  2. The chicken patties
  3. The people

3 least favorite things about Kenyon:

  1. Peirce when there aren’t any chicken patties
  2. The steps of Ascension
  3. Kyle McDonald

 Q: Favorite part of the team?

A: My teammates!

Q: Why is rugby the best sport ever?

A: Because of the group I play with.

Q: But the sport as a whole?

A: No other sport demands the support of your teammates as much.

Q: Best Kenyon rugby memory?

A: Singing Macy Gray after winning the Pittsburgh tournament.

Q: How did you get involved with rugby at Kenyon?

A: I walked onto Peirce lawn, met a bunch of really hairy rugby guys, and I joined the team. That’s basically it.

Q: Did the hair have anything to do with your decision to join?

A: Yeah, they had really cool beards.

Q: Did you have a beard?

A: Maybe one day I will…

Q: The pitch is a really long walk, why should we go to your games?

A: Because we’re a bunch of really attractive young men who really care about each other and it shows on the field.

6 responses

  1. Truth is that rugby is one if the most rugged and physically punishing sports allowed by law. I had hoped that my comment would be taken sarcastically, clearly I was mistaken. However, I do appreciate that the one who called me out for being scared preferred to stay “Anonymous.” Good old fashioned Kenyon hypocrisy.

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