Do it Today: Kenyon Lords Football vs. Oberlin

A generic image of a football.

Well people, today’s football game features the Kenyon Lords against the Oberlin Yeomen in what looks to be a classic matchup of aristocrats and free landowners. Although the weather forecast looks less than glamorous and rooting for Kenyon football now that they can win games may have lost its ironic luster(but seriously, supporting something legitimately as opposed to ironically is a much healthier way to go) you can always sit in the bleachers and abstract the hell out of this D3 match up, let your imagination run wild and pretend that this really is some ancient non-historically accurate struggle between big-government monarchists and Jeffersonian agrarians—or something like that. While that may complicate loyalties, it nevertheless might put enough of a spark back into things to get you out to McBride field on this rather gloomy looking day. Oh and another fun fact, Oberlin (1-3) enters this game having lost three consecutive games by a cumulative score of 29 to 72. Could this be the beginning of a new absurdly long losing streak? Come to McBride today and find out.

What: Lords Football vs. Oberlin Yeomen

When: 1:00 pm

Where: McBride Field

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