This Weekend in Kenyon Theatre: Marie Antoinette

Cast members Verity Allen ’13, Sam Whipple ’16, and Samantha Sheahan ’13 get all dolled up (with the help of Asha McAllister ’15)

“It’s kind of like a Marie Antoinette porno,” says director Madeline Jobrack ’13 of Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh, the senior thesis of Verity Allen and Samantha Sheahan which debuted last night. The show—which will also be performed at 8 p.m. tonight in the Hill Theater—tells the story of a love triangle involving the titular French queen (Samantha Sheahan), her portrait painter Elisabeth Vigée le Brun (Verity Allen), and their mutual lover Count Alexis de Ligne (Sam Whipple).

The senior thesis performance is a daunting task for any drama major, but don’t expect Allen and Sheahan to have any qualms about going first. After saying that they’re hoping to start off KCDC’s season with a bang, Allen added “we all do realize how freaking cheesy the title is.” She is also quick to mention that although the play is set around the time of the French Revolution, its themes are still very relevant to Kenyon students. Sheahan agreed, saying that the show has a “sexy, fun plot.”

Of course, no great production can be staged without a great crew, so when you go to see Marie Antoinette (which you obviously will, because I’m telling you to), keep in mind the hard work of what Allen describes as “the most incredible team”: Ben Kress, Asha McAllister, and Amy Young (costumes), Melissa Nigro (lighting), Will Quam (sound), Matthew Verticchio (set design), Nick Stougaard and Beth Seeley (assistant stage management), and Sam Barickman (stage management).

Tonight’s show is a great opportunity to  add to your cultured liberal arts student credentials, so come out and see Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh. Asha McAllister will be rapping prior to both performances. Tickets are $2.

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