Fashion Tips with Va. Falzon: Folding and Storing Clothes

Your worst enemy come Sunday

If you’re like me and had a busy and tiring weekend, your Sunday is probably overloaded with put-off tasks. Midterms, Phonathon—you name it, it’s on my schedule. Don’t worry, I’m not about to lecture you on time management, it’s already too late for that. I do however have some wisdom for one of the more common and often poorly executed Sunday tasks—folding and storing your laundry.

For a clotheshorse like me, the one closet deal in my Crackland, shared between my roommate and myself, just wasn’t cutting it. Extra reinforcements were called in (thank you ResLife for the additional wardrobe closet!) and I had to maximize the amount of drawer space available to me in order cram each and every t-shirt I’ve accrued over the years into dresser drawers.

Wrinkled oxfords are cringe-inducing and ironing at Kenyon— unless absolutely necessary—is not how I prefer to spend my time. Keeping your oxfords crisp is a pain and I’m not always willing to shell out for a Brooks Non-Iron dress shirt (LOVE these— all my Seniors traveling for various interviews, invest in one). However, you can save the money and the misery if you fold them. The trick is to flatten each of the edges and smooth out all of the crinkles from the oxford prior to placing it in the drawer (I know, it all sounds so simple…). Oxfords are ideal to store in a dresser due to their thin fabric that lends itself to compactness, the low amount of times you’ll actually wear this out at Kenyon(J. Crew-obsessed individuals and formals aside). Save the closet space for items such as blazers, dresses, and skirts, which should be stored in a garment bag or my favorite plastic covers from the cleaners.

T-Shirts, knits, ties etc…roll these suckers! I used to fold each of my gym shirts and tops—no more. By rolling these up, you can not only see each of the shirts individually (because how many of us forget what we have in our closet and then go out and buy a replacement…guilty as charged) but you also save space and your sanity. Stacked shirts in a drawer become disorganized by the end of the week and I’m forced to either leave it as is or I shame myself into cleaning.


As for sweaters and sweatshirts, fold these and place them in the large bottom drawer. I like to avoid hanging them in order to avoid those weird hanger indentations on the shoulder. As for jeans and pants, typically I fold them (denim on one side and cords, khakis, etc. on the other) and stack them on the shelf above in my closet.


Hope y’all found this helpful and should you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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