10 o’clock list: Old TV Shows to Watch Over Reading Days

Move it, Football Head!

You’ve made all of these plans for readings days: trips to Walmart and dinners at Fiesta. But we all know that you’re really just going to end up lying in your bed with no pants on, watching TV. And some people might think that’s sad, but I applaud you. With old TV shows, you have an even better excuse to never get out of bed because you really have to finish the series. Here are some old TV shows to watch over reading days:

1. Hey Arnold – One of the great things about this show is that all of the characters either have unibrows or no eyebrows at all. In the first episode, with Arnold dressed as a banana and his best friend Gerald dressed as a strawberry, the two get on the bus to go to their school play. The play is directed by the evil Helga, who also plays the milk. Arnold and Gerald are dreading seeing Helga, but then Gerald has the brilliant idea of not getting off the bus. Chaos ensues.

2. Party Down –Yes, it may have been on the Starz channel (which also airs Genie in the House and The Wannabes…yeah), but it’s truly brilliant. According to Wikipedia, the “concept of Party Down was six years in the making” … so it’s a little sad that it was cancelled after its second season. But, it has Adam Scott pre-Parks and Rec and Jane Lynch pre-Glee, so what else do you need?

3. My So-Called Life –In case you didn’t spend your high-school years having epiphanies and beautiful romances, My So-Called Life will fill you in on what you missed. You will learn all about the struggles of being in high school–learning to drive, making out in the boiler room, and buying fake IDs. Also, there’s lots of plaid.

4. Wallace and Gromit – There are some people out there who just do not understand the genius that is Wallace and Gromit. It is one of the best shows ever made. Yes, it may be about a lonely, old, Claymation man and his pet dog, but they build an orange spaceship in seconds and go to the moon to get cheese. Have you done that? Ya … I didn’t think so.

5. Summer Heights High – This is a mockumentary series that makes fun of Australian high school students. What could be better?

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  1. ALSO: Freaks & Geeks is on netflix – think proto-Mean Girls (less than 1 season)
    and Shaun the Sheep – short 10-minute episodes, 4ish seasons, and by the same people who did Wallace & Gromit. and it has to be witty ’cause there’s no dialogue.

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