Reading Days Travel Guide: Gambier

For those of us who are poor/don’t have cars/can’t feasibly make it out of bed before 2 PM (hi), we can’t go to such magical places as Cleveland, so we have to settle for good ole’ Gambier. And why not? It’s also full of food, history, and nightlife. (They just don’t get old!)

So this reading days, there’s nothing better than a trip to the Vern or even just a stroll to the market. Watch that movie on Netflix that keeps eyeing you up every time you try to procrastinate or read a book from your pile of many that you purchased that day you decided you were “totally going to read more this year.”

If you spend these next few days getting over your cold, eating your weight in chips, and singing along to every new Taylor Swift song, you can successfully put off all your work until Sunday, and you’ll be right back in your normal groove!

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